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ProRep Red Night Spot Lamp

Provide red lighting for your reptiles enclosure

At a glance...
  • Infrared spot light
  • Gives your reptile heat and light during the evening and night
  • Available in a range of wattages and bulb fittings
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The reptile night-light of choice for many Swell Reptiles customers, this ProRep Night Spot Lamp gives your reptile both warmth and a little light during the evening and through the night, better simulating the residual warmth left by the heated ground in their natural habitat, as well as giving them some light to see by.

Because it uses red-light, it won't effect your reptile's day/night cycle, allowing them a more natural 24 hour routine that will benefit their health. The heat given off by this bulb also allows them to thermos-regulate, even at night, aiding digestion and circulation.

If you are interested in your reptile's nocturnal activity, the ProRep Red Night Spot Lamp is a great light for you to view them under too, giving you the light you need to see them by, while letting the reptile think it is truly night time.

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