ProRep Rubber Wedges

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Keep your vivarium or terrarium locked down using these Rubber Wedges to secure holes and the sliding doors of your reptile home, preventing escapes from reptiles and livefood.


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Product Information

ProRep rubber door wedges, available from Swell Reptiles, are designed with safety in mind. Reptiles have the habit of escaping on occasion.

These rubber glass wedges, fit neatly between the panes of glass within a vivarium to help secure the glass in place firmly.

This allows for better security keeping the doors firmly closed.

Contents: 6 x Rubber Wedges


  • Place rubber wedge between glass panes and gently apply pressure to secure the panes in place.

Product characteristics at a glance:

  • Prevents accidental opening of sliding glass doors.
  • Prevents your animal from escaping.
  • Can be used with most types and sizes.
  • For extra security, use the ProRep Viv Lock.

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