ProRep Spiderling Set

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The new ProRep Spiderling Set gives everything you need to get started in creating a habitat for a small spider or similar sized invertebrate. The kit includes a hide and water dish. As well as everything else you need to begin your new hobby, at a great price from Swell Reptiles.


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Product Information

The ProRep Spiderling set is an ideal starter kit for keeping spiderlings and other small inverts like scorpions, assassin bugs and cockroaches.

The kit includes a non tip hide and a micro water dish.

The dish contains a natural sponge for you to moisten so your pet won't fall in and drown.

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    Date 28/08/2015 11:08am
    ProRep Spiderling Set
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    Nice set . Looks good and the Tarantula seems to like it.