ProRep Spot Lamp Guards

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ProRep Spot Lamp Guards are available at Swell Reptiles at smaller prices to allow everyone to protect their reptiles from coming into contact with their basking lamps and getting burned.


  • Spot Lamp Guard (Black)
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Product Information

For reptiles that require angled spot lamps, basking lamps or ceramic heat lamps, these ProRep Angled Spot Lamp Guards and normal rectangular guards are ideal for protecting your reptile from coming into contact with heated elements which may cause burns.

Your reptile is bound to like things hot in their vivarium, but the elements that heat your reptile are home are way too hot for direct contact and can easily burn your reptile skin and scales if they manage to get up there.

Use a ProRep Spot Lamp Guard to encompass your reptile heating and put a safe distance in-between the heated element and your reptile.

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    Date 11/03/2015 18:03pm
    ProRep Spot Lamp Guard (Black)
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    Date 02/03/2015 08:03am
    ProRep Spot Lamp Guard (White)
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