ProRep Tortoise Feed Growing Kit

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Cut off your reliance on shop bought tortoise food with this ProRep Tortoise Feed Growing Kit - grow your own tasty and nutritious tortoise food at home, for less!


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Product Information

The ProRep Tortoise Feed Growing Kit lets you grow your own edible weeds for your tortoise at home, getting rid of much of your need to constantly buy more tortoise feed every few weeks.

Much of the store-sold salad at your supermarket is often quite poor, nutritionally, and does not cater to the nutritional needs of your tortoise, and while some success can be had collecting from the wild, it has its own complications such as poor weather, seasons causing only sporadic plant growth and you run the risk of feeding potentially dangerous vegetation to you tortoise.

Instead, you can use this clever ProRep kit to grow your own tortoise friendly weeds, quickly and safely, and you can do it indoors making it relatively unaffected by the seasons.

The Tortoise Feed Growing Kit gives you everything you need to grow 4 trays of weeds, and is easy to refill when you need to with the Seeds Refill Pack.

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