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Ranariums' Cal-Bee supplement offers a calcium based mix packed full with added Bee Pollen, to provide a perfect supplement for reptiles that have a UV light source.


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Product Information

This Ranarium Cal-Bee is an ultrafine calcium-based supplement, with a whopping 20% bee pollen. This is ideal for those animals who already receive UV lighting to get D3 from, and just need the excellent quality Calcium packed with Bee Pollen. If you have a species without UV light source, the Cal-Bee + D3 may be better for you.

Vitamin D3 is vital for growth, maintenance of strong bones and the prevention of bone deformities, muscle function, and metabolism. Vitamin D3 also helps the intestines to fully absorb calcium from food. Without the proper intake of Calcium and Vitamin D3 an animal may suffer muscle twitches, lethargy, and metabolic bone disease, and low calcium levels can lead to serious problems for amphibians and reptiles, causing poorly developed or soft bones that are prone to fractures.

Cal-Bee has a substantial amount of Bee Pollen added to make the product tastier creating a super food packed with minerals and amino acids to maintain a robust immune system.

Cal-Bee should be used as a complement to an already existing vitamin regimen. With one of the highest concentrations of bee pollen it is quite unique, tasty and full of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and trace elements. Sprinkle it on food or lightly dust feeder insects before feeding animals.

Ingredients per Kg: Calcium Carbonate, Bee pollen (20%),

Guaranteed Analysis: Moisture max. 2.76%, Protein (crude) min. 2.02%, Fat min. 3.27%, Fiber max. 1.09%, Potassium max 0.09%, Magnesium max. 0.58%, Calcium min. 35.6%.

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