Repashy Bug Burger 85g

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Repashy Bug Burger is packed with flavour and nutrients, helping you to provide sustenance for your insects before becoming food for your reptile.


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Product Information

Each 85g tub of insect mix makes 1.25lb of tasty Bug Burger when mixed with water - just combine ¼ cup of the powder, with ¾ of a cup of water and then stir until blended. Then simply microwave or boil for a few minutes to harden it before moulding into a burger shape.

You can either serve the Bug Burger to your insects whole at room temperature, or cut it up into chunks and give it to them gradually. By treating your feeder insects to this product, you can enrich the nutritional value of them - for when they inevitably become food for your reptile.

Each complete patty will keep in the fridge for two weeks or will last 6 months in the freezer too, meaning it rarely goes to waste!

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    Date 02/12/2015 15:12pm
    Repashy Bug Burger 84g
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    Great item, perfect for my golden gecko.
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    Date 27/09/2015 06:09am
    Repashy Bug Burger 84g
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    Good price for great product