Repashy Superload

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Repashy Superload is a super concentrated gutloading formula. Remember - what your livefood eats, your reptile eats, so it's in the best interests of your reptile to ensure your insects are well fed and healthy.


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Product Information

Your reptile's feeder-insects such as crickets and locusts are only as nutritious for your reptile as the food you feed the bugs themselves, and you can increase their nutritional value by using Repashy Superload - the perfect bug-food for gut-loading insects.

Gut-loading involves giving your reptile's livefood a big hearty meal just before you put them in feeding proximity to your reptile, ensuring that your reptile's livefood meal has the highest nutritional value possible.

Repashy Superload features high levels of calcium, minerals and other trace elements essential to your reptile's health and wellbeing, and they won't even notice they are eating them due to the fact they are concealed in their tasty locusts and crickets.

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