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From ideal reptile habitats like vivariums and terrariums, to perfect reptile heating and lighting equipment, we stock everything you need to build the perfect habitat for your pet, regardless of the species you are keeping.

Swell's selection of reptile equipment is carefully chosen, taking safety and functionality as a primary focus. After all, your exotic pet's health and wellbeing should always be the priority for keeper and retailer alike, and our buying team take the task of ensuring the best quality very seriously, while ensuring our prices are unbeatable.

Here you will find reptile supplies to fit almost any budget, with basic care packages selected and assembled by our herp care experts, featuring all you need to get started on a budget, as well as more prestigious and luxury setups that allow for the best possible care - something we believe all keepers should aspire to.

From equipment for bearded dragons and geckos, to huge reticulated pythons and boas, we have the supplies you need with everything in between, not just allowing you to build a functional habitat, but one with genuine beauty too, establishing a little bit of the jungle of desert in your own home for you to enjoy with your pet.