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Help and advice on shopping for: Snake Hooks

Snake hooks help and advice

Handle snakes with ease

A great way to move and manipulate snakes is with snake hooks which mimic branches and vines that snakes would move between in the wild. Our range of snake hooks contains many great products from our own range.

What are snake hooks?

Snake hooks are durable metal hooks designed to bear a lot of weight without bending. They are a great way to hold and move snakes safely as they give you a full view of the animal and a lot of movement. Snakes generally react quite well to the hooks as they can wind around them like a branch in the forest.

Why should I buy snake hooks?

If you are keeping snakes, snake hooks are an essential piece of equipment. Most snake hooks are very cheap and shouldn’t really need replacing, meaning that they make fantastic long-term investments. Snake hooks are critical for dealing with particularly defensive snakes.

What are the main types of snake hooks?

We sell a few different types of snake hooks for a range of different tasks. The biggest difference between many of our hooks is size, you want a hook that is roughly the same width as your snake so we sell a variety of hook sizes. Most reptile keepers build up a small collection of snake hooks for all different sizes of snakes.

What should I look for?

Once you’ve found a snake hook that’s the right size there isn’t much more to think about. However, you might want to think about some other handling equipment like reptile tongs and gloves to help keep you and your pet safe.