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Mite Treatments

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Help and advice on shopping for: Mite Treatments

Mite treatments help and advice

Remove nasty bugs from your reptile

The battle against mites is a constant for many reptile keepers, once they turn up in an enclosure they can be very difficult to remove without the right treatment. To help you hold back the mite horde we have a range of powerful treatments from leading reptile companies like Tarrus and Beaphar.

What are mite treatments?

Mites, also known as Snake Mites, are small parasites that can feed on many types of reptiles, causing other diseases and weakening the animal. They are minuscule and very hard to get rid of without the proper equipment. However, there are a lot of treatments to kill mites and eradicate them without harming your pet.

Why should I buy mite treatments?

If you find even a single mite in an enclosure, you need to buy mite treatments. These treatments must be used as quickly as possible to help prevent the mites from spreading or colonising an enclosure. The treatments are quite reasonably priced and normally contain enough treatment to deal with a mite infestation in a single enclosure.

What are the main types of mite treatments?

We sell three types of mite treatments; Live biological mite control, mite dispensers and mite sprays. Live biological mite control is a handy live colony of safe and helpful mites that will kill any of the invasive mite species. Mite dispensers are used to release live biological mite control. Mite sprays are a spray that is used on pets and their enclosure to chemically kill mites.

What should I look for?

When buying mite treatments, carefully look at the descriptions of the products to identify if they are right for your enclosure. Then once you know which treatment is right, work out how many treatments you need. If you have a lot of enclosures to treat or multiple animals, you may need to invest in multiple treatments.