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Soft Wood Substrates

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Help and advice on shopping for: Soft Wood Substrates

Soft Wood Substrates Help and Advice

Recreate the rainforest floor

Soft wood is a natural, soft substrate that can be used in dry or humid environments. It is ideal for tortoises, snakes, and lizards of all kinds. Our selection of soft wood substrates includes top brands like Zoo Med, HabiStat and Pro Rep, which are all good insulators.

What are soft wood substrates?

Soft wood substrates are ideal for reptiles that need a warm, dry habitat. They are especially ideal for snakes that spend much of their time on the ground as opposed to climbing, as they retain heat and have a soft texture to move on rather than being sharp and pointy.

Why should I buy soft wood substrates?

Soft wood bedding makes a warm substrate for your reptile, keeping them free from harm and looking natural in their vivarium. The types we carry are natural products that are absorbent, easy to clean, prepare and maintain. As soft wood substrates are a soft, loose material, they can provide soft bedding for snakes, lizards and tortoises plus they’re great to use for a dry enclosure and the reptile species that like to burrow.

What are the main types of soft wood substrates?

Substrates made of soft wood can be divided into straw, aspen, traditional snake bedding, and hemp. Straw Bedding is an ideal substrate for tortoises, made from a hay-based pellet that is comfortable for the tortoise to walk or sit on, and perfectly safe if ingested. This is great for arid setups, with little humidity, as the straw will soak any moisture up. Aspen substrates are extremely popular snake bedding, being both soft and warm for your scaly friend. It offers a safe, naturalistic environment in which snakes can form burrows and nests just as they would in the wild. Hemp is a soft fibrous substrate that is ideal for many species of snakes, tortoises, reptiles and mammals as it is safe if ingested. It is made from the dried chopped stem of the Hemp plant to form a highly absorbent, dust-free and odourless material.

What should I look for?

Research the native habitat and bedding of your pet before choosing a substrate. As well as recognising the differences between each substrate, you should also understand that smart substrate choices can help to overcome any weaknesses in your terrarium setup. We offer various soft wood substrates that are suitable for sensitive species, including hatchlings.