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Help and advice on shopping for: Backgrounds

Backgrounds help and advice

Set the scene in your enclosure

Enclosures with a glass or wood background can look very boring at times. To help you liven up your enclosure, we’ve created a range of high-quality backgrounds made by leading brands like Exo Terra and Juwel.

What are backgrounds?

Simply put, backgrounds are anything that is used to cover the back of an enclosure. They are either decorative, setting the scene of an enclosure by creating a landscape, or practical, allowing animals to climb up and down the back of the enclosure.

Why should I buy backgrounds?

Backgrounds can really help to bring together an enclosure. Decorative backgrounds can make an enclosure much more visually interesting while practical landscapes can give your animals lots of stimulation and opportunities for play. Fibrous backgrounds also make perfect surfaces for climbing plants such as Pothos and Philodendrons to adhere to and grow up. Most backgrounds are fairly cheap and have a big impact on your enclosure, making them fantastic investments.

What are the main types of backgrounds?

Backgrounds are either decorative or practical. Decorative backgrounds are designed to look like a specific landscape and generally have no uses beyond that. Practical backgrounds can either be used as a climbing wall for your pet or as an insulator to help build up heat within the enclosure.

What should I look for?

When choosing a background, think about what your animal needs and what will look good in your enclosure. Make the best choice you can, depending on you and your pet’s preferences, and you’re sure to create a spectacular enclosure.