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Turtle Food

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Help and advice on shopping for: Turtle Food

Turtle food help and advice

The perfect feed for turtles and terrapins

Hard-shelled and aquatic reptiles, such as turtles and terrapins, often need different food than their land-based cousins. To help ensure your turtle and terrapins get everything they need we have created a spectacular range of aquatic reptile food, featuring products from leading brands like Arcadia, Exo Terra and Komodo.

What is turtle food?

Turtle food is designed to support the nutritional needs and feeding habits of aquatic reptiles like turtles and terrapins. Most of the food in this range is in the form of a dried pellet, which can then be served on land or in the water, floating in a similar way to the food your pet would eat in the wild. All of these foods have been specially formulated to support the healthy growth of turtles and terrapins, including the development of a thick and durable shell.

Why should I buy turtle food?

If you have a turtle, terrapin or other aquatic reptiles this food is a must. The food in this range has been specially designed to support the growth and development of your pet and will help to keep them happy, healthy and stimulated. Most of the food in this range is priced about the same as other reptile food, with a few products coming in a little cheaper as they can last for multiple feeds.

What are the main types of turtle food?

Turtle food is split by the nutrients in the feed. Each aquatic reptile food has a different formula that will taste different and offer your pet a different mixture of proteins, fats and vitamins. We recommend trying your pet with a few different feeds to find the one they like the most. There is also some feeding equipment in this range to help with adding food to the aquatic areas of your enclosure.

What should I look for?

Your pet’s needs always come first when buying any food. We recommend doing plenty of research into your pet’s dietary needs and then trying to match them with the right food source. This may take some time as well as some trial and error, but with patience, it can be very rewarding.