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Help and advice on shopping for: Live Locusts

Locusts help and advice

Britain’s most popular live food

Locusts are the kings of live food, offering the perfect combination of high protein and hunting challenge for a wide variety of reptile species. Our locust live food range includes a selection of live locust products, ideal for keeping your pets well-fed.

What are locusts?

Locusts are the most common species of live food in the United Kingdom. They are more attractive than crickets, don't escape as easily, don't make a sound and are available in sizes from 10mm to 80mm. They are particularly good for large animals such as bearded dragons or arboreal animals such as chameleons since they like to climb upwards when placed in a vivarium. Locusts are also packed with protein so they will give your reptile exactly what they need for healthy growth.

Why should I buy locusts?

Being vegetarian in the wild, locusts are not very aggressive, so they will rarely bite the animals they are feeding - although a nip is possible. They are pretty easy to keep, they just need a well-ventilated container kept around 25 degrees celsius, and occasional feed (as too much food can kill them). Our pre-packed locusts are extremely popular as they come in specific sizes, allowing you to find the perfect feed for your pet.

What are the main types of locusts for sale?

We sell locusts in three ways; pre-packed, super-packed and bulk. Pre-packed locusts are divided by size, letting you specify a particular locust length to get exactly what your reptile needs. Super-packed locusts are divided in the same way and come in about double the number as the pre-packed to reduce the number of deliveries you’ll need. Bulk locusts are split into rough sizes but come in much larger quantities to serve many reptiles at once.

What should I look for?

Check if locusts are suitable for your reptile before buying them, while locusts are extremely popular some reptile species can be very picky and prefer different live food. When choosing the amount of locust to buy you’ll also need to work out home much live feed you can store and ensure you have enough locust feed for them.