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Live Waxworms

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Help and advice on shopping for: Live Waxworms

Waxworms help and advice

A fatty treat for your terrarium

Waxworms are a fantastic reptile food as they are packed full of essential fats and protein. While they are best saved as an occasional treat or to help an ill reptile keep its strength, we have a wide variety of feeding options to suit a range of reptiles and their needs.

What are waxworms?

Waxworms are the larvae of the wax moth and so have lots of fat and protein to facilitate their growth. These fats and proteins make them a brilliant food for reptiles, amphibians and invertebrates that need to quickly recover their strength or gain weight. The worms present little hunting challenge and are unlikely to cause any harm to your pet.

Why should I buy waxworms?

Waxworms are cheap to keep and make for a fantastic supply of protein and fat. Unless a reptile is ill or in need of gaining weight, we would recommend only serving waxworms as an occasional treat alongside a more complex diet. Waxworms won’t need feeding as they mostly subsist on their fat stores at this point in their lifecycle and if they are kept at a cool temperature they will even go into a dormant state, keeping them fresh for several weeks at a time.

What are the main types of waxworms for sale?

We sell waxworms in two forms; pre-packed and bulk bags. Pre-packed waxworms are sold in 15g packs suitable for a couple of feeds for a single animal. Bulk bags contain a much larger number of waxworms and are designed to last for a few weeks when being served to a single animal or a couple of days when fed to a larger group of animals.

What should I look for?

Check that your pet can eat waxworms before making a purchase, most species can eat them but some reptiles, amphibians and invertebrates can be quite fussy about their feed. Beyond that, ensure you can store all of the waxworms you’re purchasing and that you have a way to cool them if you’re planning to keep them in a dormant state.