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Heat Fittings

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Help and advice on shopping for: Heat Fittings

Heat fittings help and advice

Get the right fitting for your bulbs and ceramics

Heat bulbs and ceramic heaters are fantastic but if you put them in a regular light fitting you’re unlikely to create the heat your reptile requires and more likely to get a broken light fitting. Our range of heat fittings is specially designed to help you manage the high heat created by bulbs and ceramics with ease.

What are heat fittings?

Heat fittings are specially designed fittings made from ceramic and metal that can handle the high temperatures created by heat bulbs and ceramics. This means that you can run your heating solutions for as long as you need with peace of mind that the fitting won’t break, melt or overheat. These fittings must be used in conjunction with a thermostat to prevent your pets from overheating.

Why should I buy heat fittings?

If you are planning to use a heat bulb or ceramic heater you must use a heat fitting as it is the only suitable way to power the bulb or heater. Most heat fittings are easy to set up and must simply be plugged into a mains power source to work. The range is fairly cheap, with most fittings costing about the same as a couple of bulbs.

What are the main types of heat fittings?

Heat fittings all do the same job with a few small differences. Some heat fittings have a longer power cable or a bracket fitting, making them easier to set up neatly in your enclosure. You’ll also find converters in the range, which are used to allow more bulbs to fit into your heat fittings. We also have heat mat holders in this range, which are used to protect your pets from a heat mat installed in your enclosure.

What should I look for?

The best way to buy a heat fitting is to work back from your pet’s needs. Do plenty of research into your pet’s heating needs and pick a heat bulb that suits them. Once you have the right bulb, find a heat fitting capable of holding the bulb. This method ensures that your pet gets the best heating solution for their needs.