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Help and advice on shopping for: Stands

Stands help and advice

Stable open-topped heating

While the majority of vivariums and terrariums can have a heating element attached to their canopy, some setups are open-topped, like tortoise tables. To make heating simple in open-topped enclosures we’ve created a range of strong stands, featuring products from Exo Terra, Komodo and Zoo Med.

What are stands?

Stands are metal supports designed to hold heating elements over your enclosure. Open-topped enclosures, like tortoise tables, rarely have a good place to attach heating elements so a stand is a good solution. Stands are adjustable so you can move the heating element closer to warm the enclosure more intensely, heat-resistant and incredibly stable.

Why should I buy stands?

If you have an open-topped enclosure a stand is a must. Stands make it easy to keep your pet nice and warm without needing to worry about complex setups, like suspending lights from the ceiling. Most stands are quite reasonably priced and require very little set-up.

What are the main types of stands?

All of our stands work the same way however we do offer two different styles; attached and freestanding. The attached stands clip onto the side of your enclosure and can sometimes be screwed in. Freestanding stands have a large base that sits under the enclosure. Both styles are quite stable, however, if you’re planning to hang multiple lights from the stand we recommend choosing a freestanding stand.

What should I look for?

When buying a stand you will need to find one tall enough to reach over your enclosure and hold your heating solution at the right height. An adjustable light stand can be very helpful here as it allows you to change the distance between your heating element and the floor of your enclosure, essentially changing the intensity of the heat.