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Thermostat Accessories

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Help and advice on shopping for: Thermostat Accessories

Thermostat accessories help and advice

Keep your thermostat working effectively

Even the best thermostats occasionally break down, but it’s much easier and cheaper to fix a broken thermostat than buy a new one. We created the thermostat accessories range to help you maintain your thermostat with handy products for brands like Habistat and Microclimate.

What are thermostat accessories?

Thermostat accessories are quite a broad category of products but all of the products here are designed to help you repair and maintain your thermostat. Thermostats are precise pieces of hardware that manage the temperature within your pet’s enclosure, ensuring that it’s just right for them.

Why should I buy thermostat accessories?

Thermostat accessories are the handy little bits that come in use when something breaks within your thermostat. They are quite cheap to pick up and are great to have to hand, allowing you to continue safely heating your pet’s enclosure the same day as a breakage. We recommend picking up one of each relevant thermostat accessory with your thermostat.

What are the main types of thermostats accessories?

We sell two types of thermostat accessories; fuses and brackets. Fuses are used to regulate the electricity in your thermostat and will occasionally blow, they are not covered under a guarantee meaning that they need to be replaced by the owner. Brackets are wall mounts that can be used to attach a thermostat onto the wall or side of the enclosure securely.

What should I look for?

We advise checking the thermostat accessories range to see if there are any products compatible with your thermostat and stocking up on one of each so you have them to hand to perform your own repairs.