Boa Starter Kits

Keeping a Boa

Your baby boa might start off just a few inches long, but before long they will be huge! Despite this, they don't need to much running (or slithering) around room, and like most snakes the spend their time lay around, usually in wait for their prey.

However there are a few things they need while they wait: a basking bulb to replicate the heat of the tropical sun, a spray bottle or mist system to keep things humid and a large hide to keep themselves hidden. The Swell Gold Boa Starter Kit covers all of this and more, with appropriate substrate, decor and habitat monitoring equipment to make sure things are just right.

The sum of its parts would cost a new Boa owner over £400 if bought separately at Recommended Retail Price, not to mention a lot of messing around and research. Instead, you can grab the whole lot, knowing that everything in it is perfect for your boa, for just a little over £200, an amazing Swell saving by anybody's standards!