Chameleon Starter Kits

Each package saves you money over trying to buy each item separately too, and you can choose from a Bronze kit to look after hatchlings, Silver Kit for juveniles and a Gold kit for fully grown adults. Each one contains increasingly better and more sophisticated equipment for use as your learn more and more about how best to care for your chameleon.

What Chameleons like:

Chameleons hail from the rainforests on either side of the equator, and that means they are best adapted (and therefore happiest) when conditions are warm, humid and they have plenty of climbing room.

Because of this, each kit has everything your need to keep your arboreal (climbing) terrarium or flexarium just right for your new little friend. It includes substrates that retain moisture and release it slowly, giving the environment a damp, earthy feel, supplied by the various pieces of humidity equipment included.

Heating is generally supplied from overhead in the form of heat bulbs, as with UV lighting (about 5% UV to simulate the amount the reaches a chameleon through the rainforest canopy).

Like all products stocked in our warehouse, you can order your starter kit from Swell Reptiles and have it arrive the next working day when you place your order before 2pm weekdays, leaving you more time to set everything up before your colourful new friend arrives - perfect!