Royal Python Starter KIts

Royal pythons remain popular for many reasons: they are relatively docile and do not require too much maintenance, forming a ball in your hand when you handle them, giving rise to their other name, the Ball Python. Not only that, they also look great, thanks to their beautiful markings which vary greatly between morphs.

We love them, and if you are looking at this page, you probably love them too, so take a look at what you get in each kit!

We have put together a superb range of vivariums to suit all sizes of snake and of course pocket! Each of our starter kits comes with varying amounts of accessories, depending on the one you opt for. However each has at least a heat mat, basking bulb, holder and guard plus an assortment of accessories.

For adult Royal Pythons we suggest you go for the Silver or Gold Starter Kits as they contain the larger vivarium and more kit for an advanced reptile keeper. For more advice and information, please contact our sales team on 0161 351 4700.