Tortoise Starter Kits

Tortoise Tables and Vivariums

Both the Vivariums and Tortoise Tables in our Bronze, Silver and Gold kits can be great for your tortoise, the main differences being the amount of ventilation your tortoise requires, and of course how you want your setup to look and feel.

While vivariums can be used for a multitude of different reptile species, Tortoise tables are designed exclusively to look after indoor tortoises, giving them a better degree of ventilation than a closed-top vivarium which is conversely designed to insulate and retain heat.

Tables allow you to move your setup around more easily, changing the position of your heat lamps and UV easily using a clamp lamp to give your reptile a new environment to explore more often, and give you unparalleled easy-access to your little hard-shelled friend.

Here at Swell we have a collection of Tortoise Starter Kits that are designed to suit every tortoise and every budget.

If you are looking for an exclusive deal, have a look at our Gold Starter Kit. It includes a tortoise table, stand and the extension kit. Plus heat lamp, substrates, feeding dishes and much more!