Clay Substrate

Substrates like Excavator clays and Herp Pottery are perfect for reptiles who feel better after having made their own burrows. It's not just for reptiles either, some spiders and scorpions like to make underground homes too, and some even hunt that way by making trap doors to their secret layers.

Allowing your reptile or arachnid to act out their own natural behaviours and instincts is often crucial to their health and well-being, and also one of the most fascinating and rewarding parts of being a reptile or exotic owner, and for burrowing species this great range of clay substrates is one of the finest way you can do that, all for a low price at Swell Reptiles.

Other clay substrates act like a drainage system in rainforest terrariums, keeping things less swampy on the surface where you might want to place moss substrates.