Reptile Systems Ceramic Reflector Clamp Lamp Black

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Great quality components from Reptile Systems, giving you the ideal holder for clamping or hanging, giving you great flexibility of use.


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Product Information

This Reptile Systems Ceramic holder comes with a reflector shade, in a stylish matt-black finish. There are a choice of three sizes, each with a varied shape to suit different types of bulbs.

These come with a multi-directional clamp, as well as a hook for hanging on stands, a better option for mercury vapour bulbs over tortoise tables for example. The ceramic fitting is heat resistant, and unlike other brands, is also colour black to match the reflector shade, giving a better completed look.

There is a heavy gauge reflector shade to go around the bulb, which is highly reflective inside to give optimum lighting and efficiency. A detachable protective mesh cover for the end of shade is also included, and can be used optionally.

  • Small - 140mm diameter, 75w maximum wattage
  • Medium - 140mm diameter, 100w maximum wattage
  • Large - 216mm diameter, 200w maximum wattage

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