Reptile Systems D3+ Specialist T8 10% UVB Bulb's

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Give your desert reptile the perfect amount of UV bulb light using the reptile Systems D3+ Specialist T8 10% UVB Bulb's. Get it at the best prices here at Swell Uk with Next Working Day Delivery options.


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Product Information

The Reptile Systems Specialist 10% is high quality UV Strip Light for reptiles that require a very high UVB output, similar to the desert environment your bearded dragon or other desert reptile is used to, so it's perfect for reptiles like Bearded Dragons and Tortoises

Deserts get more direct sunlight than any other reptile habitat because of fewer clouds, less air humidity and no shade - so desert reptiles are more exposed to UV and have evolved to use it, becoming an essential factor for their health and wellbeing.

The UVB light emitted by Reptile Systems 10% UV is used by your reptile to synthesise vitamin D3 to turn dietary calcium into strong bones.

These lights will need to be used with a T8 controller, such as the Arcadia light controllers and a reflector (optional) to almost double the light output. For the maximum enjoyment of your terrarium / vivarium we recommend that you replace your Reptile Systems light at least once a year.

  • 10% UVB for the synthesis of Vitamin D3
  • Full Spectrum Lamp
  • Produces excellent natural colours.
  • Recommended to place 25cm away from basking reptile
  • Ideal for desert dwelling species.

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