Reptile Systems D3 Specialist T8 5% UVB Bulb's

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Give your reptile a big healthy dose of D3 along the length of their vivarium habitat using an Reptile Systems D3 Reptile Lamp, 5% UVB, T8. Perfect for rainforest reptiles or other species that receive a little less UV that desert species, this T8 lamp should last around 6-8 months and give your rep the UVB it needs to help use the calcium in their diet.


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Product Information

Why Is UVB Light Essential?

In its natural environment, a reptile has exposure to direct light from the sun, which as well as being composed of the visual light that we are familiar with, also has a significant content of ultra-violet light.This UV energy is an important factor, as it drives a chemical reaction in the skin, which results in the formation of vitamin D3, without which calcium metabolism cannot occur correctly, and the skeleton of the animal cannot develop correctly.

When a captive reptile is not exposed to direct sunlight, then the resulting lack of vitamin D3 can cause the bones to become weak and mis-shapen. Other hard structures, such as scales, claws, and the carapace of tortoises or turtles would also be adversely affected without sunlight.

These lights will need to be used with a T8 controller, such as the Arcadia light controllers and a reflector (optional) to almost double the light output. For the maximum enjoyment of your terrarium / vivarium we recommend that you replace your Reptile Systems light at least once a year.

  • 5% UVB for the synthesis of Vitamin D3
  • Full spectrum lamp
  • Produces excellent natural colours.
  • Recommended to place 15cm away from basking reptile
  • Ideal for rain forest species.

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