Reptile Systems Infrared Heat Lamp

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The Reptile Systems Infrared Heat Lamp is designed to provide gentle heat during the night without giving off too much light, so as not to interfere with your reptile's day/night cycle, allowing them to maintain a natural rythym.


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Product Information

Give your reptile a little extra warmth at night with a Euro Rep Red Night Spot Lamp, giving off a red light for them to see by (and for you to see them) that won't upset their day/night cycle, allowing a more natural mode of living.

Used with a ceramic socket using an ES fitting, and perfect for leopard geckos kept in glass terrariums (not wooden vivariums or plastic faunariums).

For nocturnal reptiles like Leopard geckos, its great too as you can use the light to observe their natural nocturnal behaviour without changing their day/night cycle.

  • Ideal for heating a vivarium during the day and evening.
  • Can be used with REPTILE SYSTEMS Basking Spotlight.
  • A great source of heat for Exothermic species.
  • Can be used with a thermostatic control system.
  • Low visible light, high heat.
  • 4 models available : 50W / 75W / 100W / 150W.

Latest Customer Reviews

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    Date 03/09/2018 13:09pm
    Reptile Systems Infrared Heat Lamp 100w
    Feefo Logo
    I have had 100wat bulbs before but these seem to have a lot more heat , I had to raise where the build was as it burnt my tortoises house
  • Rating
    Date 13/03/2018 19:03pm
    Reptile Systems Infrared Heat Lamp 50w
    Feefo Logo
    Can't get and beat this price and quality anywhere.