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Popular Starter Kits

Bearded Dragon - Silver

Our best-selling kit, this provides a great starter unit for young dragons

Chameleon Kit - Silver

Including a mesh style ReptiBreeze, providing a perfect natural home

Tortoise Kit - Bronze

Complete with Tortoise Table, this is an ideal starter for a new baby tortoise

Corn Snake Kit - Bronze

An ideal small kit for a hatching snake, ideally for Corn, Kings or Milk snakes

Leopard Gecko Kit - Silver

A small vivarium to get you started with your new Leopard Gecko

Crested Gecko Kit - Gold

Complete with a glass terrarium, so ideal for Cresties up to adulthood

Whether you are looking to add a few more bearded dragons to your collection and are in need of a larger vivarium, or looking for great value dry food for your crested gecko; at Swell Reptiles we are proud to offer a great range of products all supplied by leading brands. So no matter whether you have a tortoise, royal python, tree frog or praying mantis we are sure to stock the perfect products to support your hobby, all at fantastic value prices!