Arcadia Slimline T5 Luminaire Vivarium Canopy 14% Dragon

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Slimline Canopies from Arcadia now available in a massive 14% Dragon tube, meaning you can provide the best quality lighting to your high end desert species, such as Bearded Dragons and Uromastyx. This is a complete in one unit, with the controller, bulb and reflector built in to the main unit, without ugly looking wires getting in the way.


  • Slimline Vivarium Canopy 14% T5 Lamp - 24 Watt
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Product Information

New from Arcadia, the Slimline Luminaire Vivarium Canopy and D3+ 14% T5 Lamp provides everything you need to provide the high output 14% UVB that certain species require to keep them in top condition and health.

This is a complete kit, including controller to fit and power the bulb, the 14% UV D3+ reptile tube inside, providing your reptile with right UVB light to ensure they are getting everything they need in terms of calcium and D3, keeping them them healthy, just like the light they would naturally receive in the wild.

The Arcadia T5 slimline design means that everything is more compact and easy to use, meaning no mess of tangled wires and electrical ballasts, just a single power cable, making is simple and easy to use and install.

It features one of Arcadia's fantastic T5 reflectors, ensuring that more of your lamp's output is directed down towards you reptile, meaning that more of the electricity you pay for is put to good use and benefits your reptile.

The T5 UV 14% D3+ lamp included is perfect for desert species, giving them the highest level of UVB light they is required for them, and the whole unit is rate IP65 for water resistance, meaning that the odd splash from the water-bowl or a little humidity shouldn't effect the way your light unit runs.

Slimline Vivarium Canopy 14% T5 Lamp - 24 Watt606 x 80 x 35mm
Slimline Vivarium Canopy 14% T5 Lamp - 39 Watt910 x 80 x 35mm

At a glance:

  • Space-saving slimline design.
  • Highly polished built in T5 reflector.
  • Water resistant power socket.
  • Capable of being used as a single light or alongside other light units.
  • IP65 water resistant.
  • Comes with free Arcadia D3+ T5 lamp (14% UVB) and screw removable mounting plates.

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    Date 30/06/2018 08:06am
    Arcadia Slimline Vivarium Canopy 14% T5 Lamp - 24 Watt
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    Perfect canopy, everything you need is included, just screw the mounting plates provided into place, click in, plug in and you're done with the added ability of chain linking several units together