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Swell Acrylic Feeding Ledge

A super-easy gecko feeding solution

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At a glance...
  • Tough feeding ledge for holding gecko feeding cups
  • Made of 'easy-to-clean' acrylic
  • Set up is a breeze with built in suction cups
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Swell Reptiles Acrylic Feeding Ledge is an easy to clean, convenient option for feeding your reptile powdered diets such as Repashy, Pangea or Arcadia's StickyFoot Gold, this is perfect for use with the Pangea Gecko Feeding Cups.

Not only will this securely hold the cups in place to prevent any unwanted spillages, but this provides your arboreal reptiles with a feeding area in the place they will spend the most of their time - up high in the canopy.

Each ledge comes with two strong suction cups for easy attachment and removal, and also two extra deep feeding cups to get you fully set-up from the get go. The ledge features a transparent acrylic design, making it super easy to clean and less noticeable in your reptiles environment.

This ledge is not compatible with generic jelly pots, and is produced with the wider, more shallow feeding cups in mind. The two cups provided can be washed easily and reused as required, however replacement Pangea Gecko Feeding Cups can purchased separately.

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