Swell Amphibian Mix

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New from Swell Reptiles, this species specific substrate is designed specially for Amphibians, so is ideal for all types of frogs and toads.


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Product Information

This Amphibian Mix Substrate, which is a soil based, contains moss, orchid and other structures to help with water retention and drainage. This is ideal for amphibians, especially when used with a drainage layer underneath to create the water reservoir which will keep this substrate humid and fresh.

Our own-brand Swell Reptiles Amphibian Mix Substrate is rich enough to sustain life, so is great for custodians, such as springtails and woodlice, which will help to keep the environment clean, as well as providing a food source for smaller frogs, such as Dart Frogs.

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    Date 24/06/2016 19:06pm
    Swell Amphibian Mix - 10ltr
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    Absolutely awful!! I would recommend you to stay away from this if you keep darts or smaller frog species.
    I placed this into my pumilio and azureus viv, humidity did not increase at all (the vivs averaged around 80-85% humidity before placing this soil in the viv), the soil becomes water logged incredibly fast (with only two-three mistings per day). There is no orchid or orchid bark in the soil as advertised.
    The main problem is the shear amount of sphagnum moss in the mix, the moss was continuously wrapping around the frogs legs, bodies etc to the point of within a week of using this soil I had to remove the frogs out of their viv to remove this swell amphibian mix.
    The soil itself is just hyped up plain old soil with a stupid amount of sphagnum moss mixed in
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    Date 16/09/2016 01:09am
    Swell Amphibian Mix - 10ltr
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    As Above
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    Date 06/12/2016 12:12pm
    Swell Amphibian Mix - 10ltr
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