Swell Bean Weevil Culture

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Bean Weevils are a small beetle that is a perfect addition to your bioactive crew, to help with the break of waste, as well as being suitable as a varied diet for small reptiles too.


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This Bean Weevil culture comes with adult beetles, and beans with feeding larvae. This is a great way to get your own production started, for either a colony to go in as custodians, or to provide a mixed diet for your reptiles. These should be stored at 20 - 25C, and stay in the containers they arrive in, and should produce weevils for several weeks, if not months.

These are an ideal food for small lizards and amphibians, as well as small invertebrates, as they do not posses any biting mouthparts, so are completely harmless when left in the enclosure. As adults, they are only a few millimetres long, and ideally feed from dried beans, peas and pulses, with the larvae feeding from the inside of these beans.

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