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Swell Calcium Dust 250g

Reptile calcium additives to strengthen your pet's bones

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  • Calcium supplement for reptiles and amphibians
  • Meal topper and livefood dusting
  • Helps to slow and even prevent many bond diseases
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What is Swell Calcium Carbonate Dust?

Swell Calcium Carbonate Dust is a supplement made from natural calcium carbonate that comes in 250g tubs to give you an easy way to supplement vegetable matter and meat in your reptile's diet with essential calcium. This is Swell Reptile's calcium powder formula and leads the way in both quality easy-to-absorb calcium and price. As with essential mineral supplements, this calci dust should be used with the correct wavelength of light to provide essential calcium and avoid deficiency diseases.

Why is calcium important for reptiles and amphibians?

Calcium is an essential component in the diet of all reptiles. Calcium forms the bones of all reptiles, and in the case of turtles and tortoises, their shells too. A Calcium deficiency in reptiles can cause serious problems, leading to things like MBD (Metabolic Bone Disease), which can cause painful joint problems, deformities, soft-shells and can even lead to death. This makes calcium supplements, sometimes called calci dust, an essential item for ensuring your reptile gets enough, along with a good source of D3 to help your reptile assimilate the calcium into their system.

How do I add calcium to my pet's food?

This product can be given to your reptile in a variety of ways. Most commonly, it is simply sprinkled onto their live food, sometimes called supplement insects - or into their food bowl. For herbivorous reptiles simply sprinkle the fine calci dust over their plant material to provide adequate calcium levels. Luckily, it is not exactly possible for your reptile to overdose on calcium - though light dusting is recommended.



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