Swell Calcium Powder + D3

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Vital to all reptiles is Calcium. This Swell Calcium with added D3 means that your pet will get all the goodness needed for a strong and healthy life from the calcium supplement, but with added D3, which is vital for so many body functions for reptiles.


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Product Information

Swells Calcium with D3 powder provides the supplements needed for most reptiles. Ideally used in conjunction with Swell Calcium with Multivitamin to ensure all the correct supplements are being given to your pet, this added D3 will provide your pet with the extra vitamin required to function effectively.

D3 is essential for growth, breeding, and many internal functions, including how well the liver and heart work. The calcium assures metabolic bone disorder is kept at bay, so that along with the use of a good quality and correct level UVB, your reptile will remain in top condition and thrive within the environment that you provide.

This can be supplemented through live food or through vegetation, whichever is best for your reptile, and should be combined with a good quality diet to ensure optimum health.


Calcium Powder, Vitamin D3

Vitamin D3 - 25000 iu/kg

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