Swell Chameleon Starter Kit Silver

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Our Swell Chameleon Silver Kit is an ideal set up for juvenile Chameleon, providing them with a ReptiBreeze enclosure with plenty of space to move around in. This has great ventilation, keeping your chameleon fresh and healthy.


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Product Information

This Silver kit comes with large ReptiBreeze, along with a combined heat and UVB bulb and holder, as well as a thermometer and hygrometer. This also comes with the substrate, spray bottle and dripper, providing the right humidity and ensuring your chameleon can access water easily. This can be used for yearling Yemens, or younger Panther Chemeleons, or similar species.

What's in this kit?

The ReptiBreeze Large included in this kit, measuring 46cm x 46 x 92, provides plenty of good ventilation, which is very important for growing chameleons. The heat and UVB are provided by the combined Mercury Vapour Bulb, which is held with a clamp lamp. This bulb provides everything required, day/night cycle, UVB and basking spot as well. These bulbs cannot be used with thermostats, as it will affect the UVB that is produced by them, so to control the temperature the bulb will need to be moved closer or further from the desired basking spot. The thermometer and hygrometers mean you can measure the temperature and humidity levels in the enclosure to ensure they are correct for your species.

For substrate we have included Orchid Bark, which is easy to clean and replace, as well as helping with keeping the humidity levels in the right range in the environment. We also have a spray bottle to help with the humidity, and also a dripper, which chameleons will often drink from, ensuring they're getting plenty of fresh water, keeping them in their best condition.

This Silver kit also includes various size vines and plants, all designed to provide areas for your chameleon to climb, and plants to provide natural coverage.

At a Glance:

ReptiBreeze Large

Bulb and Holder



Water Dish

Calcium Dust

Vines and Decoration


Spray Bottle

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Swell Chameleon Silver n/a

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