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Swell Clamp Lamps are ideal for use with most screw-fitting reptile bulbs and come with heat-resistant ceramic fittings and a 2m switched cable. The hardwearing metal clamp comes with rubber grips that affords you real versatility over placement.


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Product Information

Swell Clamp Lamps are ideal for heat bulbs such as Infrared Heat Spot Lamps and Ceramic Heater Emitters where plastic fittings could potentially melt.

The lamp is made of aluminium and the fitting is made from heat-resistant ceramic and can be angled in different direction. It comes with an approximately 2m (6'6") long cable with inline "on/off" switch.

For maximum versatility and security when placing, the Swell Clamp Lamps comes with a hard-wearing rubber grip and clamp.


Small: Up to 75W: Dome diameter: 15cm x 18cm approximately
Medium: Up to 150W: Dome diameter: 22cm x 19cm approximately
Large: Up to 200W: Dome diameter: 27cm x 22cm approximately

Swell customer, Dave Dixon, gave us this feedback on the Swell Clamp Lamp. Dave operates a group called Bearded Dragons UK, and the moderators boast over 100 years of experience, and so he is certainly well qualified to review these items. Here is Dave's review, edited with his permission:

"The item arrived quickly and was well packaged.

"My first impressions were that it was well built with a convenient inline on/off switch, an adequate 2 metre electrical lead, and was light and portable.

"In fact I will be using this lamp with my home built travel viviarium when my bearded dragon accompanies me.

"The clamp lamp I was testing was the small size so is only suitable for up to 75 watts, this was indicated on the heat resistant ceramic holder.

"If your enclosure is larger namely 3ft or more in length, I suggest you purchase the medium or large sized lamp which also allows for a higher wattage bulb fitment. For testing I used a 60 watt bulb which was easily fitted.

"Once attached it was held securely and was easily adjusted for different mounting positions. The clamp was strong and robust with rubber grips and the build quality is such that the item will give many years of good service. Its simple solid construction makes it very good value for money if this the type of lamp you require, and it is on par with the more expensive existing lamps that I already own.

"In summary I can not find any fault with the product and its value for money price.

"Would I buy this product? Easily answered YES!"

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