Swell Collapsible Standard Snake Tongs (2 Sizes)

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Get to grips with aggressive or wriggly snakes more easily with these Swell Reptiles Collapsible Standard Snake Tongs (2 Sizes), only available through our site.


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Product Information

For larger snakes such as pythons, you may want to consider a set of these Swell Reptiles Swell Collapsible Standard Snake Tongs, available in two different sizes or 100cm and 130cm (when fully extended), allowing you better and more comfortable control over your snake.

These Snake Tongs feature a wider bottom section than most, helping to keep your snake firmly in place, whilst the top arm gives you the ability to restrain your snake in a manner that causes minimum stress to both your snake and yourself.

Easily stored after use, simply pull and fold to collapse then into a more compact shape for simple storage.

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    Date 16/09/2015 08:09am
    Swell Collapsible standard Snake Tong 130cm
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    Not bad quality for the price