Swell Crested Gecko Starter Kit - Platinum

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Swell Crested Gecko Platinum Kit is the cheapest way for you to get all the kit you need to start caring for your Crestie. This advanced kit offers you the opportunity to create a paradise for your Crested Gecko, giving them plenty of space in a rainforest environment.


  • Crested Gecko Kit Platinum
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Product Information

The Swell Crested Gecko Platinum is ideal for adult Cresties, and includes everything you will need to set up the terrarium correctly, though more personalised decoration may be wanted once you have it all set up.

What in This Kit?

This Platinum kit comes with an Exo Terra 60cm x 45cm x 90cm terrarium, along with a bracket, bulb holder and heat bulb, that is controlled using a dimming thermostat, so you can be sure that this is kept at just the right temperature. We have also included a ProT5 UV lighting Kit, as well as a digital thermometer and hygrometer. There is a rain system as well, so you can ensure there is a perfect humidity in your enclosure, providing fresh water as you require.

We have also included calcium dust, as well as Crested Gecko specific powder food supplement as well, so you can be sure you are providing the best in nutrition, whilst also offering a varied diet of MRP and live food. There is hydro rocks, drainage mesh and coco soil for the substrate, which you can utilise for a bioactive set up if you want, or just to ensure good humidity and a natural look. We have put in some vines and plants for decoration, as well as live moss, and some disinfectant, so you can keep it look its best all the time.

At A Glance:

  • Glass Terrarium 60 x 45 x 90cm
  • Heat Bulb, Holder and Bracket
  • Dimming Thermostat
  • UV Lighting Kit
  • Digital Thermometer + Hygrometer
  • Rain System
  • Soil Substrate
  • Jungle Vines and Plants
  • Calcium and Food Supplements
  • Disinfectant

Items shown in image are not specific and are just a representation of this kits contents.

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