Swell Daylight 2% UVB Compact Lamps

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Harness the power of daylight to the benefit of your own reptiles with the Swell Daylight 2% UVB Compact Lamps. These self-ballasted compact lamps are tailor made to provide the lighting and UVB requirements of reptiles that don't require very high UV levels, such as leopard geckos and snakes.


  • Daylight 2.0 UVB Compact Lamp 15w
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  • Daylight 2.0 UVB Compact Lamp 26w
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Product Information

Swell Daylight 2% UVB Lamps are perfect for reptiles such as leopard geckos, pythons, boas, corn snakes and king snakes that comes from a climate that is less sunny than reptiles that come from the desert or rainforest, who therefore require less UV.

The 2% UVB is a moderately bright screw-fitting lamp that emits UVA rays and 2% UVB to stimulate your reptile's appetite, digestion, reproduction and allows the reptile to convert vitamin D for calcium, ensuring healthy bone structure.

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