Swell Deep Dome Clamp Lamp with Guard

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The Swell Deep Dome Clamp Lamp with Guard is ideal for larger heat bulbs with a higher wattage such as mercury vapour bulbs, and because they have a basket guard they won't burn you or your reptile. It is suitable for screw fit bulbs.


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Product Information

The Swell Deep Dome Clamp Lamps with Guard is ideal for heat bulbs such as Super Sun Mercury Vapour Bulbs thanks to a combination of the aluminium frame and highly heat resistant ceramic. This allows you to use bulbs that produce large amounts of heat, without fear of the fittings melting.

The extra deep cone of this product allows the use of longer bulbs, while also reducing the risk of burning to your reptile by keeping the allowed distance between the bulb and the reptile. There is also a built-in mesh guard to prevent burning injuries.

To ensure complete security the strong clamp is coated in a thick rubber that provides a sturdy grip and ensures that the lamp does not easily fall.

Please note Mercury vapour bulbs should be positioned vertically.

Max 200W.

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