Swell Dial Hygrometer

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Combining the best in user-friendly design and outstanding accuracy of readings the Swell Dial Hygrometer is invaluable for measuring the humidity levels within your vivarium or terrarium


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Product Information

If you already have some reliable temperature equipment, you may need something that just deliveries accurate data on your terrarium humidity levels, and the Swell Dial Hygrometer does just that.

Easy to read the accurate humidity levels in your reptile's habitat, the Swell Dial Hygrometer is simply placed in your reptile home for you to glance at from time to time to ensure humidity levels are at their best for your reptile, and if not you can take immediate action.

Featuring a colourful analogue display with a colour-coded humidity scale, this Swell own hygrometer comes at a much better price than most other models.

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