Swell Dial Thermometer

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Made to the precise demands of the dedicated reptile breeder, the Swell Dial Thermometer is an analogue thermometer that allows and easy way to monitor the temperature of your reptile's vivarium.


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Product Information

Looking after a reptile means replicating an exotic animal's natural environment, and the most important factor is temperature. Since most reptiles come from either desert or rainforest habitats, there is a very particular temperature that must be maintained.

These thermometers have levels measured in both Celsius and Fahrenheit and have a high range of between -20C and +40C (-4F and 104F) and comes with double sided self-adhesive tape for easy installation.

Because this thermometer is part of Swell's own brand the outstanding value is obvious and at a price that won't fail to please.

At a glance:

  • Part of Swell's own brand - saves you money
  • Analogue thermometer
  • Breeder quality
  • Range of -20C and +40C
  • Readings in Celsius and Fahrenheit

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