Swell Digital Thermo Hygrometer

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For detailed measurements of the humidity and temperature levels within your vivarium, the Swell Digital Thermo Hygrometer presents an easy to read display in both Fahrenheit and Celsius scales


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Product Information

A digitally combined Thermometer and hygrometer, the Swell Digital Thermo-Hygrometer accurately monitors and reports on both the temperature and humidity in your reptile terrarium, ensuring your reptile has the right environmental conditions to live a happy and healthy life.

It uses 2 remote sensors placed inside your reptile home to take accurate readings in real-time and displaying them on the easy-to-read digital display so you know whether your reptile is too hot, too cold, too dry or too wet - allowing you to get it just right by adjusting your equipment.

Each Swell Digital Thermo-Hygrometer accurate measures temperature within a range of -10°C and 50°C, and humidity within a range of 20% to 90% - perfect for most reptile habitats, and it comes at a brilliant price in comparison to most branded products.

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