Swell Digital Thermometer

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The Swell Digital Thermometer gives accurate temperature readings for your vivarium in both Fahrenheit and Celsius scales.


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Product Information

Swell Digital Thermometers are a high-quality product with a low price tag.

Providing the correct range of temperatures for your reptile is vital. Tropical reptiles and especially desert reptiles require the kind of temperatures they would experience in their natural habitat and it is important to monitor these heat levels, therefore buying a high-quality thermometer like this one should be high on your list of reptile priorities.

The Swell digital reptile thermometer is easy to mount, view and take readings from, and because it is part of Swell's own brand it saves you money compared to the bigger brands. It measures a range of -9C to 110C.

The Swell Digital Reptile Thermometer comes with a battery included and 1 extra spare which is actually already housed inside the thermometer inside its' own drawer - just take a look at the back of the unit to see!

In terms of where to place your thermometer inside your reptile house, you now have more options too! Not only does this thermometer come with a handy flip-stand already installed on its back (like a stand-up picture frame), but it also comes with a handy clip-on attachment that allows you to clip it to the size of your terrarium, or alternative screw it to the inside or your wooden vivarium.

At a glance:

  • Gives temperatures in Fahrenheit and Celsius
  • Range of -9C to 100C
  • Easy to read digital display
  • Swell own brand - saves you money

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