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Swell Double Lamp Holder

A quick and easy light or heat fitting

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  • Dual 150W reptile lamp holder
  • Powers each bulb independently
  • Built in hooks for easy installation
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Our Double Lamp Holder provides you with two bulb sockets in one holder, meaning that you can independently power two separate bulbs at the same time. These have their own plugs, meaning you could set them on their own timers or thermomstats, and ensure that you are getting just the right heat and light, at the right times and temperatures.

The sleek black design holder has two hooks in the middle for easily installing above a mesh top terrarium or a tortoise table. It has a shiny silver interior, which is great for reflecting the light and heat, making the bulbs as efficient as possible. There is also a pattern of holes cut into the top of the unit, around the base of the bulbs, to allow a certain about of heat to escape, ensuring the holder doesn't overheat and burn out the bulbs.

Each bulb holder is ceramic, and can take a bulb of up to 150w (per side), which could be ceramic, night light, heat or compact UVB, whatever you require.

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