Swell Fogging System

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Of our own design, these Swell Reptiles Fogging Systems help to maintain fantastic humidity levels in your rainforest terrarium at a fantastic price considering their practical value.


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Product Information

The perfect way to ensure optimum humidity levels in your rainforest reptile's terrarium, the Swell Fogging System is made to the highest standards and favours better in price than many other branded variants.

Rainforest reptiles like chameleons, geckos and frogs need a higher humidity level than will be found anywhere else in your house, and while this can sometimes be achieved with a pump spray, this method can be laborious, time consuming and requires your almost constant attention - not great!

Instead you can opt for the Swell Fogging System - perfect at providing a brilliant mist in your rainforest terrarium and keeping your reptile happier than ever!

The fogger is more than capable of increasing terrarium humidity levels by 100%, giving your reptile a regular dose of moisture in their environment in the form of a mist rather than a potentially mess-making rainstorm.

In warm terrariums, it will cloud up, producing a beautiful and eerie effect in your reptile's habitat, and more importantly, it features dry-run protection, meaning that your fogger won't become damaged should you forget to top up its' water levels every now and again.

It comes with a generous 160cm of tubing to help delivery to mist, as well as boasting an impressive 300ml per hour water consumption for a real good soaking should you need to give your reptile just that, all selected by the adjustable output.

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