Swell Frozen Chicks

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Swell Frozen Chicks are part of Swell's high quality range of frozen foods that are perfect for snakes and other reptiles such as monitor lizards.


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Product Information

Swell Reptiles Frozen Chicks are available in packs of 10, 25 or in bulk purchases of 2kg or 10kg, offering you further excellent discounts. These taste very different, and are often used for fussy feeders, to get them into a habit of eating again.

Buying your reptile's chicks in frozen form is easier, allowing you to store larger quantities of food in your freezer to defrost at your convenience when your reptile is due a feed.

Frozen chicks are a great source of nutrition for growing reptiles, especially snakes, with high levels of protein and calcium in the bones that allow healthy development.

Each one weighs between 35-56g, and can be delivered straight to your door in specialised containers to ensure they don't defrost too early!

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Product Specification

Product Weight Notes
Swell Frozen Chicks 10 Pack 35-55g 10 pack
Swell Frozen Chicks 25 Pack 35-55g 25 pack
Swell Frozen Chicks 2KG (approx 50) 35-55g 2kg (approx 50) pack
Swell Frozen Chicks 10 kg (approx 250) 35-55g 10kg (approx 250) pack

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