Swell Frozen Guinea Pig

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Swell Frozen Guinea Pigs are part of Swell's high quality range of frozen foods, bred for the health and nutrition of your carnivorous reptile, they are delivered still frozen to your door.


  • Frozen Guinea Pig Medium / Large 150-750g (each)
    code: ZPL001 Direct Despatch (Usually delivered in 1 day)

Product Information

Swell Frozen Guinea Pigs are a favourite of Swell Reptiles customers, providing an ample meal for Larger snakes who are now too big to be fed on rats.

Compared to our largest Frozen Rats, which weight in excess of 350g, these Medium to Large Frozen Guinea Pigs weigh around 200g to 600g, and are sold singularly, giving your reptile a hearty meal indeed!

Like all our frozen reptile food, it is delivered to your doorstep by refrigerated vans to ensure they don't thaw too early, keeping them fresh and hygienic for when your reptile gets round to them.

Product Specification

Product Notes Weight
Swell Frozen Guinea Pig Medium / Large 150-750g (each) Single 200-600g

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