Swell Frozen Rat Large

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Large Frozen rights for feeding to snakes, these Swell Reptiles rats and bred for health and happiness and make a great meal for snakes large enough to handle them.


  • Frozen Rat Large (5 pack)
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  • Frozen Rat Large (100 pack)
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Product Information

The second largest type or Frozen Rats available from Swell, These Large Frozen Rats are a nutritious meal for your reptile, and a wholefood for ones like snakes who can take their large size.

Available in handy packs or 2, 5 or 100, they are delivered to you still frozen due to the specially refrigerated delivery vans and can be popped straight in your freezer to be taken out and thawed when you know your pet is getting hungry.

These frozen rats make it much easier to feed your reptile a more natural diet, providing them with a meal that is identical to their natural prey. You can even use some feeding tongs to shake them about a little, imitating life and causing your reptile to trigger their natural hunting instincts, making their lives even more natural.

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Product Specification

Product Notes Weight
Swell Frozen Rat Large (5 pack) 5 pack 250-350g
Swell Frozen Rat Large (100 pack) 100 pack 250-350g

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    Swell Frozen Rat Large (5 pack)
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